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Vallentuna Kommun

In Vallentuna there are excellent opportunities for active recreation. Within the municipality we have a rich and varied range association and this, we supplement the Culture and Leisure with own municipal recreation activities. There are, in addition to sports halls, fast ball fields and ice rinks, with several ski trails, jogging tracks and trails to choose from and a lake ice that is plowed in winter. Some of Roslagsleden runs through the municipality of Vallentuna and there are many lakes to visit.


Ramsau Dachstein

Right in the middle of the skiing pleasure of the 4 interlinked mountains – Hauser Kaibling, Planai (Schladming), Hochwurzen, Reiteralm – and, located in the heart of Ski amadé, the Ski Region Ramsau am Dachstein. Experience unforgettable skiing days on "Austria's sunniest ski runs", where you find various pistes and cosy mountain restaurants. Ramsau is particularly favoured because of its family friendly facilities and its charming skiing offer. There are 16 ski lifts on the plateau and on the Dachstein glacier, well suited for families.


Kiruna Kommun

Kiruna is about 20 000 km² and its geographical location means that there are great opportunities for outdoor activities in a stunning natural environment. Hunting and fishing is some of many hobbies of the residents of Kiruna, but there is also a rich cultural and social atmosphere within the community.


Sundsvall Kommun


Östersunds Kommun

Ostersund Ski Stadium is one of Sweden's largest ski area and a competition venue in the winter sports of the highest international standard. It is beautifully situated over the lake with only a 15 minute walk to downtown and 15 minutes drive to the airport. There are up to 89 km usual tracks to choose from.


Skellefteå kommun

Hike, fish, paddle - the opportunities for outdoor recreation in the municipality of Skellefteå is great! Beautiful islands in the archipelago, ancient magic forest and the soft sandy heaths are some of the amazing outdoor environments we offer. Fishing piers, walking trails, barbecue sites and shelters facilitate your activity in nature. Pack your picnic basket and head out!


Funäsfjällens Skoterleder

Hi Snowmobilers! We at scooter company welcome you here and hope that your expectations will be met. Now when you bought your trail fee and have the map in your hand, you can see that we have approximately 450 km trails. Preparation of trails occurs mainly in forest terrain even some mountain you are prepared. Simple technology: It is easy to see which leads are freshly prepared downloading the app track4outdoors where you can also use the GPS to see where you are, or visit click on the scooter. Safety protection: At each crossing is a number that is also found on the map which is good if you need help or locate you. Incredible but true: We ledvärdar glad to help you and have the opportunity to take home a scooter for a fee if you need it. We would also urge you to always have an extra drive belt and tow rope on the tour. Tips & In nice weather, you should not miss Skenören 1174 meters above sea level. From there you can see most of the peaks for miles around. When bad weather why not take a trip to the Tännäs where Sweden's only Myskoxsafari is available. "Funäsfjällen is not just a geographical area, but also our common heritage and responsibility" Finally remembered that the weather in the mountains can change rapidly, and that you are in a restricted area. We should be careful on the aria and only driv on the trails!


Skövde Kommun



Nordic Ski Funäsfjällen

Cross Country The Nordic Ski Center winds its way through valleys and high mountains – 300 kilometres of groomed trails. The network is laid out so you always have world-class cross-country trails near you. In addition, there are 450 kilometres of marked natural trails. In Funäsfjällen there are excellent conditions for training, exercise and recreation. You can start anywhere in Funäsfjällen. The entire trail network is well signposted with distance markers, maps and rest stops. Here you can find your own favourite and enjoy your skiing to the fullest. You can explore new trails every day, maybe with the help of the ski bus, or take the skis home from the slopes. The options are many and varied – Funäsfjällen open up possibilities for everyone: families with children, those who like exercising and the world elite.


Saltsjobaden Kommun - Demo

Saltsjöbaden is a locality in the municipality of Nacka Municipality in part Saltsjöbaden / Fisksätra. Saltsjöbaden include Neglingeön, a peninsula of approximately 75 acres located between Baggensfjärden and Neglingeviken and is joined to the mainland by an isthmus at Rösunda. In addition, the area west of Neglingeviken to Lännerstasundet and Baggensstäket to the north and to Erstaviken in the south, with Igelboda, Light Marsh Hill, Neglinge, Tattby and Solsidan.


VasaloppsArenan, Mora Skidstadion, Mora Kommun

Cross country skiing and Mora belong together. Seven out of ten Swedes associate Mora with Vasaloppet and skiing. The historic ski competition is the basis of the well-developed cross-country skiing in Mora. Mora ski stadium offers local residents, tourists, clubs and schools opportunities for recreation and exercise as well as training and competition activities in the area of operation. Within the area is an illuminated ski stadium with lighted trails, ski trails, paved roller-ski track, biathlon track for 6 boards and ski playground with a ski-jumping tower. Otherwise there is a service building with changing rooms, showers and saunas. In addition, there are race office facilites, a heated cabin and a meeting room. The area is equipped with an artificial snow making system. In summer time the ski stadium's grass surfaces is used as a soccer field for seven-a-side. No Ski-pass fees in the Vasaloppet course during week 8-9. The ski playground is illuminated and you don´t need a Ski-pass there. Information about packing / tracking: Initially all tracks are packed by snowmobile / ATV and a packing rool, until the surfices allows driving with grooming machines. The order of priority is as follows. Day 1: Vasaloppet course Zorn Museum - Eldris control, Mora ski stadium with the biathlon stadium. Illuminated track 1,5km 2,5km 5km and 10km (Ski-pass tracks) Day2: Day tracks 5km and 10km, ski playground Eldris - Rostberg. Day 3: Eldris, Northern Garberg. This priority applies to the entire season regardless of the weather. Would we get snow day 2, begins priority on from Day1, etc. During the season, some adjustments to the above priorities need to be implemented, for example due to race events on Mora ski stadium Decisions on the need for preparation are made by the staff of the Outdoor Group.


Bergs Kommun

Berg municipality lies almost in the middle of Sweden and has a population of about 7 100 people on an area of ​​5753km², it will be 1.3 persons / km². The municipality is essentially a tourism and hospitality industry municipality. The central town Svenstavik is located at the southern tip of the Great Lake 65 km southwest of Ostersund. The municipality has good transport links for the transport (bus and rail) and for data communication. Here are the industrial, service, trade, health care and health center as well as training for large (Learning Centre) and small (Elementary & Mountain High School.). The municipality is renowned resorts like Klövsjö, Åsarna and Ljungdalen. In nature we find the Great Lake and the Great Sea monsters and Helagsfjället. Here in the Scandinavian mountain chain wilderness we find security, peace and the great silence of nature singing l wind melody. Leisure time is spent looking for real in our natural arena that offers opportunities for a varied outdoor activities like hiking, fishing and skiing. Obviously, we drink it healthy and clean water directly from any source and streams. Read more about the experiences of


Gällivare Skoterleder

Välkommen till Gällivare kommun för att prova våra skoterleder. Vi har ca 120 mil skoterleder i kommunen. Huvudmannskapet är fördelat med ca 1/3 vardera mellan kommunala, statliga (ovan odlingsgräns i fjällen) och föreningar/organisationer.


Gällivare vinter

Inom Gällivare tätort finns ca 6 mil skidspår. Gällivare kommun ansvarar för preparering av kommunrundan, som är det längsta spåret. Utöver detta stöttar kommunen även övriga spår med preparering, detta sker i mån av resurser. Preparering av spåren på Hellnerstadion inför tävlingar som World Cup ligger också på kommunens ansvar likaså inför och under Dundret Runt. Nu finns spår draget från masten på Dundret ner till Porjusvägen. Det finns även spår från Åke på toppen till Västtoppen och sedan vidare mot soldalen. Passa på att njuta av den vackra utsikten under din skidtur!


Vännas Skoterleder

Vännäs Snöskoterklubb ansvarar för ett ledsystem som består av ca 30 mil skoterleder inom Vännäs kommun, med ett antal anslutningar mot angränsande skoterklubbars ledsystem.


Vännas Vinter

I Vännäs finns många välpreparerade skidspår för dig som vill åka på längden. För dig som vill åka utför med skidor eller bräda erbjuder Middagsberget en härlig upplevelse. Middagsberget är en vintersportanläggning för hela familjen som ägs och drivs av Friluftsfrämjandet. Anläggningen har två liftar och två nedfarter. Här finns möjlighet för alla att kunna åka utför pisterna. Snowboardåkarna har en häftig halfpipe att åka i. Vid backen finns även pulkbacke och vindskydd med grillplats. Egen snökanon gör att säsongen kan starta tidigt och räcker länge. På Middagsberget finns en serveringsstuga där du kan köpa korv, kaffe, läsk och juice, fikabröd och godis. Till serveringsstugan är du även välkommen för att värma dig eller bara sitta och ta det lugnt en stund. Vill du hyra utrustning är du välkommen till Dalstugan som finns på baksidan av serveringsstugan. Köldgränsen för öppethållande är minus 20 grader. Vid tveksamhet om öppethållande, ring 0935-203 45 för besked.

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